Author Topic: Dark Dragon High Five CT2.6 LowRate  (Read 698 times)


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Dark Dragon High Five CT2.6 LowRate
« on: March 23, 2017, 01:59:38 AM »
Hello here our retail-like private fun server. New players and clans welcomed from all of world.
Processor Intel Xeon (hexa-core)
SSD 2x 480GB
Anti-DDOS protection
Exp, Sp, Adena: 3x
Seal Stones: 3x
Drop Chance: 4x
Drop Count: 1-3x
Special Drop Chance: 3x
Special Drop Count: 1x
Raid Drop Chance: 1.5x
Raid Drop Count: 1x
Spoil Drop Chance: 4x
Spoil Drop Count: 1-4x
Manor Drop: 3x
Fish Extract: 3x
Quest Exp, Sp, Adena: 3x
Quest Reward: 3x
Quest Drop Chance: 2x
Quest Drop Count: 1x
Castle Craft Cost: 1.25x
Craft Consumable Cost: 1x
Price Of Siege Guards: 1.5x
Pet Exp: 3x
Pet Food: 3x
Common Herbs: 2x
Life, Mana Herbs: 1.75x
Special Herbs: 1.25x
Reputation Points reward - Hero, RB, Siege etc: 2x
NOTE: Rates in quests can be different by kind of quests!
Subclasses: 3
Autoloot: yes
Vote Rewards: yes
Classic features
Castle sieges
Territory wars
every week !
Seven Signs
Classic Events + custom
Rim Kamaloka (premium accounts)
Vitality system
Time Points system ( as PC Bang points )
and more ...
Custom features
3x Game Window
With a premium account up to 6x Game Window
Some quests are customized to our requiments
Anti-Bot, Game Protection
Auction for players, global try items, time shop to S grade, account settings, etc.
Mass Events - TvT, Death Match, CtF, Mini Siege, Last Hero
every hour PvP arenas Celebrating
every hour Fishing Event Celebrating
Custom armors and weapons from lvl 85 by doing custom quests (weapons and armors are GOD and settings of this weapons will be customized by your feedback)
Custom npcs
Added S84 hero weapons... (when you are a hero and you have lvl 84 then you can obtain S84 (elite) infinity weapons from monument
In-game shop (donate shop), you can get items from shop by voting too or you can get points by inviting friends to our server, no boosted armors or weapons for donaters!
Special quests for characters level 85, you can start path behind your true power!
Custom events!
Multiple access from one account (you can log-in more then one character from one acc)


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Re: Dark Dragon High Five CT2.6 LowRate
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2017, 11:39:08 AM »
Welcome - 100 most wanted Lineage 2 Servers.