Happy new year!
Ertheia low and hi5 and L2DarkNick have been rewarded with our Epic Flag for being active.

We will always encourage and reward positive actions toward our Lineage 2 Top.
More to come.

It's new month and we are reseting votes but not before rewarding Ertheia low and hi5 with Featured Server for having the most votes in last month.

We are also announcing our December gifts.
We will double our usual rewards.
New month:
Votes have been reseted.
L2DarkNick have been rewardes.

We've planned a forum maintenance. This means up/downs periods can occur.

Since our top is not a major success for Lineage 2 servers choice AND our main goal is to provide trusty, awesome and well made servers to players, we decided to search test and add those by our own.
At anytime owners can claim their server rights by writing us a PM here on forum.
Reward which we are giving every month will still be honored if conditions are respected*.
*There must be 100 servers in our top and winners** must have 1500+ votes and wear our vote button***.
We are not counting those with 0 votes as inactive servers. So, we removed all those who didn't had an working website at least.
We intend to filtre even more our listing but right now we are not that active.

Anyway, new month, votes have been reseted and the winner have been rewardes.
Congratulations to Lineage2 Titan Fall who managed to gather 500+ votes which is rewardable with half of our prize of 30 Euros (60 Euros POT).

But... Yes, there is a "but", our second criteria, to have at least 30 active servers listed, wasn't accomplished.
New month begin, votes have been resetd and L2TitanFall stays our Featured Server.
New month so we are reseting the votes, keeping the "pot" at 60 euros and rewarding top 1 just with a Featured Server because nobody met our criterias.

Happy easter to everybody!
New month, votes have been reset, but we got no winner.
Because nobody met our criterias, nobody was capable to claim the prize.
No worries. We will not take our money back, but in exchange, we will double the prize for this month.
In the meantime we will reward top 1 server with featured.

Good luck to everyone!
We said that we will reward every month top 1 server with 30 euros*, but it seems like nobody want take our money.
There are few days left and nobody is reaching our conditions.

*conditions can be found on forum.
We are almost there, testing all features!