Dark Dragon High Five x3
Owner: Defuse
Votes: 0
Type: High Five
Location: France
Server website: http://www.darkdragon.cz
Classic stuffs on server:
•Castle sieges
•Territory wars
•Seven Signs
•Mass Events (CTF, GvG, TvT etc.)

•Classic Events + custom
•Rim Kamaloka (premium accounts)


•Vitality system

and more …

Custom stuffs:

•Custom quests
•Auction for players, global try items, time shop to S grade, account settings, etc.
•Custom armors and weapons from lvl 85 by doing custom quests (weapons and armors are GOD and settings of this weapons will be customized by your feedback)
•Custom npcs
•Added S84 hero weapons… (when you are a hero and you have lvl 84 then you can obtain S84 (elite) infinity weapons from monument

•In-game shop (donate shop), you can get items from shop by voting too or you can get points by inviting friends to our server, no boosted armors or weapons for donaters!

•Special quests for characters level 85, you can start path behind your true power!

•Custom events!

•Multiple access from one account (you can log-in more then one character from one acc)