L2 Ketra Wars x1200
Owner: Owner
Votes: 0
Type: Interlude
Location: Russia
Server website: http://ketrawars.net/
Server specs:

Chronicles of server: Interlude - Classic.
Rates: Exp: x1200, Sp:x1200, Adena:x1200.
Profession is received automatically.
A unique panel ALT+B.
3 main locations for farming / PvP : Ketra, Varca, and Dino.

Sub-Class and Nooblese:

Sub-Class: Quest removed completely. Just walk up and take the class you want, you can take up to 5 Sub-Classes.
Nooblese: Respawn of Nouble Raid Bosses every 2 hours +/- 30 minutes. No quest. It's enough to pump up a Sub-Class 75+ and to come to a Raid Boss More info here

NPC buffer:

To ensure that our players are having fun, we created a NPC, who'll be providing all the players with buffs (for 2 hours) free of charge, and there is also a profile support; this NPC can be found in all the cities as well as in most busy places; some 36 slots are available for buffs.

GM Shop:

Since our server is an entertaining one, we decided to simplify the methods of getting equipment and satisfying other needs of our players. Our game store has all the necessary products for each player; you can find it in all the cities.


NPC Getekeeper — in order not to move away from classical Interlude, we left the standard Getekeepers.


Hero status is awarded weekly, every day starting at 18:00. Before the battle starts, skills are updated; battle starts if 5 players are registered. Enchantment limitation system +6. Classes battles take place only on Saturdays and Sundays (to avoid "saturation")


Maximum enchantment for weapons +18, for items +16.


A drop rate for Top-Grade Life Stone - 40% out of Tyrannosaurus (spawn time is 5 minutes)
Peace Zone in the character spawning points (according to standard)

Castles :

On our server, castle sieges are held every week on Saturday and Sunday. There are only four castles available: Goddard, Dion, Gludio and Aden. We did it to ensure that everyone will taste the flavor of mass battles for castles once again.
Aden on Saturday 20-00 Moscow Time
Goddard on Sunday at 20-00 Moscow Time
Gludio on Saturday 20-00 Moscow Time
Dion on Saturday at 20-00 Moscow Time

Raid Bosses 76+:

Added announcements: 30 minutes before respawn for simple Raid Bosses from the 76th level
Teleport to all Raid Bosses is 76 from the Gatekeeper (except the bosses within the Tower of Insolence)
Respawn time is 12-24 hours
Drop of High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 from 3 to 6 with a chance of 55%
Drop of Giant's Codex from 3 to 6 with a chance of 55%

No drop from summoned and the quest Raid Bosses